Bi Xenon: G5-R

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On a budget? Want a projector that will outperform OEM? Don’t mind unbranded?  Look no further, The G5-R is based off the OEM hella G5 Projector, With similarities to the Morimoto Mini D2S 4.0 bi xenon you get a projector that will outperform most cars headlights on the road for a great price.

With the reflector Bowl the same as that on a OEM Hella, Clear lens direct from the factory you will be lit with a sharp cutoff and super intense beam.

These are an easy fit on a H4 based headlight with the conventional locking system on most projectors that can be bought online, don’t be fooled by the cheap ones on ebay, we only stock the items we deem fit for use and that we have confidence selling.

These projectors use a 3” lens meaning most shrouds will fit these without the need for the centric ring.

Package Contents: 2 X Bi Xenon projectors, Fitting Kit.

Warranty: 1 Year.

Can be used with 35W and 50W (at your own risk)

Need other items, or unsure if they are compatible with your headlight? Contact us and one of the team will assist.


No Refunds on sale items unless they are not working when they arrive but we make sure all items are working before we send out.

  1. Rated 4 out of 5

    I switched them in instead of my mini D2S 4.0 because the 4.0 have a way to huge stepup and the lamp positioning is fu**ed up.

    The G5-R are the better choice if you want to see something on the other side of the road (Steup is about half the size of the Mini D2S.. makes around 20-30 meters further illumination on the road!). Especially in right turns (UK) or left turns (Europe/US) this is crucial in my opinion. Lamp positioning is also correct on these ones. Their hotspot is exactly where it should be! 1/3 below the cutoff 2/3 above it and perfectly horizontally center.
    I had one Mini D2S where i could align the hotspot correctly.. on the other one it wasn’t possible. When the lamp is in perfect position on the Mini.. they are a tiny little bit more intense in overall output than the G5R.. but it’s very marginal and most of the Minis i saw on the web have that misaligned hotspot. If so.. the G5R are WAY MORE intense on low beam.. and their highbeam are way down the street instead of up in the trees.

    Only thing why i give them 4 instead of 5 stars is because of their mounting-material
    One of the siliconwashers was unusable because it was completely uneven.
    and the Highbeamconnectors are without a plug.. you have to solder them to the ends yourself. Luckily everything from the Mini D2S fits since they are 100% identical in hardware.. so i could use the mountinghardware and the highbeamconnectors i had left from the Minis

    and order the Springdelete with them!!!! They are superb!

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