VW T5.1 Lightbar headlight Projector upgrades

So, a popular mod for the VW T5.1 owners is the Light bar headlamps, these can be bought anywhere from £350 – £450 from many sellers across the internet, these are sold as upgrades to OEM headlights, we wanted to work out why they would be classed as an upgrade, to us immediately been in the Vehicle lighting industry that these would be more of a sidestep so after talking to a Customer of ours he said that he had bought some to put on his van but had previously read that a lot of people said they still lacked in the output department so dropped them round to see what we could do.  We fired it up and as expected, these are built to a price rather than a standard, ok we thought, lets stick a HID bulb in, it don’t fit, (Well the ones we stock anyway – Morimoto XB35 H1 bulbs).

That left us with 1 choice, open the headlights, really easy to do and remove the frame the holder the lighting reflectors up, did some measurements and worked out which projectors we stock will be best suited.  We are going to offer 2 options, a stage one Bi Xenon kit which requires no cutting or trimming or a stage 2 Bi LED kit which will require some minor work to allow this to fit.

So to start with the Stage 1 upgrade:

Projectors of Choice are the Morimoto Mini H1 7.0 Bi Xenon projectors, a compact 2.5in lensed projector happy to go into spaces with well, no space.  This system is a easy install requiring no cutting/trimming to fit, so even with little knowledge its a few hours work to swap out.  We have precision cut brackets that do all the work for you, it literally will be a job for Saturday afternoon.

7-768x1024 VW T5.1 Lightbar headlight Projector upgrades

4-768x1024 VW T5.1 Lightbar headlight Projector upgrades


So the most important part of our projector swaps outs is that from looking at the headlights you would never know they have been swapped out, (we are OCD) we mount and make the brackets so the new projector will sit in the same place as the one we are replacing it with,  you see the difference when your driving down them dark roads and realise that the lights are now complete, you have the looks as well as the performance.


Our Stage 2 Kit we have not took pictures of yet as we are not doing this setup on this set of lamps but the brackets are ready to go as are the projectors, This will be based on the Morimoto M Bi LED projector which has a good punch of power, it used a 3in lens and has the LED’s built in so no big options like the Stage 1 kit where you have to choose bulb colour and ballast output. These are fit in out of the Box.  As said, some trimming will need doing so the skill level will go up, if you want a drop in kit then Stage 1, if you are capable of the little extra work then stage 2.


Here is the output test of the Stage 1 kit.

The original cheap projectors that are fitted to these lamps at the top, low beam of the Morimoto in the Middle and the Bi xenon shutter on Morimoto is last.

cutoffs-1024x1024 VW T5.1 Lightbar headlight Projector upgrades


So the Nitty Gritty.

Stage 1 kit will retail at £370 and will include what you need, Product can be found here – CLICK ME

Stage 2 Kit Will retail at £490 for the Morimoto M Bi LED projectors which more info can be found here – CLICK ME


Other options that we can do:

Demon eye kit

Etched Projector lens

Fitting: can do this to brand new headlights that you send in or you can come to have the kit fitted, we can remove the headlights from your T5.1, fit the kit and fit the lamps back, like a drive through.



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