About Us

EM Tuning is a UK based company specialising in the supply and fit of some of the best lighting parts in the Automotive industry with over 6 years in this market we will only sell what we think is the best.
We are passionate about vehicle lighting and getting the best out of a vehicles lighting. We offer a range of lighting upgrades, from a full set of modified headlights using bi xenon projectors making your lighting as good as OEM factory lighting, or in some cases even better depending on the setup you require.
We are also able to modify OEM factory xenons to get you a further 20-30% output from the original setup by changing the projector lens. Please enquire to see if this upgrade is available for you car, it’s well worth it.
We are known widely among the Audi forums for supplying full interior led lighting upgrades. My aim is to supply and upgrade interior lighting that will replace the OEM halogen bulbs, and in some cases we have upgrades to bulbs that are already fitted with led’s from the manufacturer.
We like to make the interior kits perform as if they where fitted by the manufacturer, making them an OEM glow so to the untrained eye it will look factory fitted as oppose to after market. Brighter kits and coloured led kits can be requested. All interior lighting we supply is plug and play unless stated.
At EM Tuning I like to source all products myself as opposed to being approached by companies trying to sell their items. Some bulbs are unique and are designed and developed by myself in house. I also have bulbs manufactured directly from a factory in the south of China to my spec and design. If I am not happy with anything it will never be sold on, so be assured that you are buying items that have been tested, tried and developed to a high standard. I have recently become a Morimoto authorised re-seller. I wanted to do this as I believe their products are also great, they perform well and as the saying goes you do really get what you pay for.

At EM Tuning we can also source new/used OEM headlight components such as ballasts, bulbs and led drivers for cars fitted with led daytime running lights.

From our products, fast postage and top of the line customer service we have become at home among the Audi enthusiasts on the forums and we want to carry that on and bring in a more tailored service to vehicle lighting in the UK and around the globe.

Trups Patel
Sales Manager.