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B7 OEM Xenon Upgrade Info

I Have decided to start a thread now for the headlight work I do and list with pricing for each option you want to go with, this should stop a lot of my PM traffic and also forum members who want to see how far they can go with their lighting.

So everyone does performance mods, and really leave the lights as they think they are performing good until a small mod is done. For the B7 I now have a few option to improve your output and have them in stages so you can see how far you want to go with it all.

Stage 1 upgrade is the Clear lens mod. A very popular Mod the last year and a half with positive results, upto 30% more output, more intensity and a exotic cutoff which is sharp. For this mod I also recommend doing a set of new bulbs if you have not changed your bulbs in the Last year, xenon bulbs wear with use/age so you loose intensity as the years are piled on so if your car is running the factory bulbs then chances are they need a refresh.

This Mod:

Clear lens – £55, Clear lens with the RS Logo Etched in – £95.

New Bulbs – Branded Bulbs like osram or Philips from £100, Morimoto – £80.

Stage 2 upgrade which is new I have been working on the last couple of months with 1 car running this already, this is a full projector swap out to the Morimoto Mini D2S 4.0 Projectors, There projectors are the daddies right now, the output rivals that of new LED systems that have multiple beams, the width and distance is something I have not seen with any other Morimoto projector. This kit will need adaptor brackets and some minor tweaks may need doing within the headlights but really is minor and can be a weekend projector for you if you wanted to do work yourself.

Morimoto Mini D2S projectors – £150, with the RS etched lens they are £190.

NON adaptive adaptor brackets with fitting kit and screws – £65

Adaptive Brackets with screws – £125

D1S – D2S ignitor £45 (this is needed to retain the OEM ballasts)

D2S bulbs – branded bulbs like osram or Philips from £90, Morimoto bulbs – £60.

JB kick weld – £7. – This is needed to mount the shroud (chrome surround) back on.

Clear corner caps with Chrome amber Halogen bulbs – £65.

Fitting pricing will need to be quoted on an individual basis, this is down to wanting different options like paint, remove and refit to the car. All stage 1 and stage 2 mods can be done the same day if you was to bring the car or lights over to me, if any paint work is needed then this can add upto 10 days depending how far you want to go.

So now the big question is: Is stage 2 really worth it over stage 1. I would say yes. Even though the clear lens mod gives great results there are items out there that give A LOT more and the Mini D2S is that product, tailored and designed by a chap in the usa who sits and checks how far he can get each product he did this, he has no plans to make the 5.0 version as he is unsure how much more it can be improved at this time and this projector has been out close to a year now.

I have attached some pictures of the clear lens mod and then some pictures of the output shots from a Mini D2S. in terms of visuals of the new projector inside the headlight there are pictures of them fitted to the brackets, I have had the brackets, nuts/bolts/spacer kits done in such a way that the new projectors sits in exactly the same position as the OEM projector so if you was looking at the headlights in a car park or meet you would not actually know it has been changed, and this again is the best part of the mod, Just like a remap or cabon clean, you don’t see the change with your eyes until you drive down a nice clear (dark in this case) road and then you will see what this mod is about.

Stage 1 Upgrade pics:

Clear lens with RS etching

OEM Output Close up

Clear lens mod and Tune

Stage 2 Upgrade:

Non Adaptive:


Typical Output shot of the stage 2 upgrade:

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