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EM Tuning D3S VAG ballast Boost kit.

D3S xenon Headlamp boost kit.

Over the last few months i have been working on a few upgrades. Lots of my popular mods are plug and play, however some mods require the headlight to be opened. To do this mod would be an all-round better solution as no headlight needs to be split and you will get awesome results.

A quick brief on a D3S system: it is a 42v input. Older cars that use a D1S system have a 85v input. So you will notice the difference in output. Doing the ballast boost you will gain extra output from your d3s bulb. For the ultimate output i will mod a D1S bulb to fit your D3S projectors along with the new Morimoto XB55 ballasts.

A D3S ballast will NOT power a D1S bulb, not enough juice.

Here are output pictures of the Bosch projector found in the A4 B8’s and FL A5’s:

Oem bulb with oem ballast (D3S)

Oem bulb (D3S) with the XB55 ballasts

Morimoto 6500k D1S bulb with XB55 ballasts.

All above pictures have been done on the same Projector (OEM Bosch found in the FL A5’s and All B8 A4’s that have xenons. This is on the OEM Projector lens, I do have a clear lens mod for these projectors if you would like to further enhance output, however this does require the headlight to be opened.

Here are pictures of the kit i have put together: I have had ballast holders and grommets CNC’d so this is full plug and play. It will be sealed, a small trim in the headlight casing will be needed to allow the new high output bulb cable to be fed in, it will be very small and will still be sealed.

The headlights in the above picture are from a 2016 Golf R which will use the same projectors as a pre Facelift A5 (Valeo projectors).

Pictures of before and after on the Valeo projectors are also shown above. These are from a 2011 RS5 which came in for this mod also. I have turned exposure and contrasts down so you can see where the light is. (Ignore the black dots at the bottom of the shutter, they are exhaust splats from a 930hp RS6 which was sat idle for a few mins back in 2015 and cant be cleaned off).


(Note that the RH headlight was poorly adjusted, I should of adjusted before taking but didn’t manage to)

After – These are the Osram CBi bulbs with Morimoto XB55 ballasts

Here are the test shots from a Valeo projector the same as the Pre facelift A5 xenons have. (note that these are in a set of brand new headlights)

OEM Bulb and OEM ballast

OEM Bulbs and Morimoto XB55 Ballasts

Morimoto D1S 6500k and Morimoto XB55 ballasts

The bulbs that will be supplied and modded will be the Osram CBi D1S bulbs. If you have recently bought D3S oem branded bulbs then the ballast kit can be sold separately to give them a boost. I do not recommend this ballast be used with cheap unbranded bulbs. The D1S needs modding to fit a D3S bulb holder, i will do this before the bulbs are sent out as part of the service, if I do not carry this out it will not fit.

List of cars that can be done right now are:
Audi A5 facelift and pre facelift
Audi A4 B8 Facelift and pre facelift
Audi Q5 pre facelift and facelift
Audi A7 With Xenons
Audi A3 8V PRE FL with Xenons
VW Golf MK7                                                      
Audi A6 C7 Pre facelift Xenons

So headlights with the D3S system made by AL Bosch/Valeo and Hella can all be moded.

The full kit will be £299 posted within the UK and you will get a full 2 year warranty.

Contents of the kit will be: EM Tuning Fitting kit which is Power looms with Grommets, Ballast brackets with new screws, Morimoto 50W ballasts with D1S ignitors cables, Osram CBi D1S.

Postage in the UK is free and will be RM 2nd class signed for. Outside the UK will be £7.

Any questions then please ask in this thread and I will try to answer as best I can.



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EM Tuning Vag Panel Fitting Guide

If you have ordered a LED Interior kit from us for a VAG model and you have our custom panel bulbs then chances are you are going to be looking at it thinking we have sent you the wrong fitment bulb, this guide will go through how to fit the panel bulb into you lamp.

Remove lamp from car, disconnect making sure no power is going to it and remove the OEM halogen bulb.

Then using a small flat head screwdriver pince the bottom bulb holder/cradle pins up slightly to allow a bit more room.

After that get the new bulb and slide it into the lamp like in the pictures. (I always put the wires end in 1st)

After the bulb is in and sat flat make sure that the back of the PCB is not making any contact with the metal pins/cradle, then get your flat head and push the pins back together so when plugging the white connector in it makes a tight fit.

Next, put the 501 white connector in, make sure the pins on the connector line up aswell as the pins/cradle. Normally on most fitments the polarity is the same as in the picture, plus to the left and minus to the right is the loom from the car goes from the bottom, if you plug the bulb in and it don’t turn on the try the polarity the other way. (all bulbs tested before been packed and sent out)

The final look will give you a nice strip of light giving you a consistent and uniform glow.