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EM Tuning Vag Panel Fitting Guide

If you have ordered a LED Interior kit from us for a VAG model and you have our custom panel bulbs then chances are you are going to be looking at it thinking we have sent you the wrong fitment bulb, this guide will go through how to fit the panel bulb into you lamp.

Remove lamp from car, disconnect making sure no power is going to it and remove the OEM halogen bulb.

Then using a small flat head screwdriver pince the bottom bulb holder/cradle pins up slightly to allow a bit more room.

After that get the new bulb and slide it into the lamp like in the pictures. (I always put the wires end in 1st)

After the bulb is in and sat flat make sure that the back of the PCB is not making any contact with the metal pins/cradle, then get your flat head and push the pins back together so when plugging the white connector in it makes a tight fit.

Next, put the 501 white connector in, make sure the pins on the connector line up aswell as the pins/cradle. Normally on most fitments the polarity is the same as in the picture, plus to the left and minus to the right is the loom from the car goes from the bottom, if you plug the bulb in and it don’t turn on the try the polarity the other way. (all bulbs tested before been packed and sent out)

The final look will give you a nice strip of light giving you a consistent and uniform glow.

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