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EMT DRL KIT for Audi B7 and 8P2 fitting info

EMT DRL KIT for Audi B7 and 8P2 fitting info :

Thank you for ordering a LED DRL kit.

Fitting info:

Open Inner cover of the headlights

Twist holder to remove the DRL bulb and pull the Sidelight connector out.

Remove bulbs from both sockets.

On the New DRL bulb you will see a bayonet connector and then a white 501 connector. The Bayonet will go in the DRL Sockect and the 501 connector will go in the sidelight socket, please make sure the polarity of the sockets is Matched up or the Sidelight mode WILL not work.

There are some cancellers coming off these wires, the larger black box is for the DRL side and the smaller box is for the Sidelights. These will tuck into the light housing after you have installed the bulb, the bulb will only go in 1 way as there are 3 guide tabs so looking through the front of the headlights you will be able to align them up and then turn and lock the bulb in place.

The Larger canceller can be placed into here, if you have double sided tape you can stick it to the cover, all other wiring WILL fit inside the headlight like shown in the picture.

If you have any questions on this then please ask.


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