Bi-Xenon: Hella G5


OEM+: When you become a headlight junkie you become obsessed with your headlights, even OEM bi xenon projectors that come in new cars are lacking in the performance department, Clear lens mod and tuning is sometimes the only way to go to get the best out of it, these are done to take all that aggro out of the equation.

Modded.? Yes! From the factory these come with Clear lens and are pre tuned to give you max output and colour flicker on the Sharp wide step beam this gives off, no playing around, no spending money on clear lens, just remove your OEM projector and bolt this on in place.

Bulbs: When searching for new projectors you may want to keep your existing bulbs and ballasts in place so these projectors are made to allow a D1S/D2S/D3S/D4S bulbs work, no modding to bulb holder/bases, if your BMW uses a D2S these will work, if your Audi is running a D3S system then it will work, its got you covered.

Fitment: Unsure if these will work as a direct swap for your existing setup, get in contact and we will be able to assist with compatibly questions and any other questions you may have about the products we stock.

Whats Included: 2 X Hella G5 projectors (RHD), Bulb holders, 2 Years Warranty.

Only 7 left in stock (can be backordered)


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