PY21W LED Indicator bulbs


These Bulbs are due in on the 12th MAY 2018(EST).

EM Tuning Exclusive: You asked for it, we had it made. Working in collaborations with some of our trusted suppliers and LED manufactures we bring you our V2 LED indicator bulbs, With the V1 Which never made it to market due to PWM signalling on canbus cars we had to go back to the drawing board which saw a fresh circuit configured and we are now happy that they will work on any car error free. 

The Tech:  With an inbuilt Canbus resistor this bulbs are guaranteed to be plug and play on any vehicle that they are fitted in be that an old car that has no canbus or a newer car, the main purpose of the bulbs are so they replace the OEM halogen ones and don’t cause any fast/hyper which usually is the case when swapping to LED indicator bulbs, the fix for that is to add in resistors, this can be time consuming and extra money and if your not hands on a garage would charge you around an hours labour.

Power: The EMT V2 LED indicator bulbs will pump out and eye popping 1800lumens, to put this into perspective an average halogen headlight bulb is 1500Lumens, it is over kill? No! Having them brighter will make driving safe and allow other road users to know what you are doing, they will also flash with a more prominent on/off to give it a more modern look.


Warranty: 2 Years

Fitment: PY21W

Quantity: 2 X Bulbs

Colour: Amber

Only 1 left in stock (can be backordered)


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